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LED Pygmy

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Product Description

Made by Crompton these LED Pygmy lamps will save you lots of energy. At only 1.5 watts it will replace a 15 watt filament pygmy bulb (also know as a sign lamp)

With a life of 25,000 hours it will last for at around 5 years if its is used 12 hours a day which makes it ideal to put in light fittings that are hard to reach as you wont have to change it as often as either a filament or fluorescent bulb

LED’s do not contain mercury and do not flicker so are great if you don’t get on with traditional fluorescent low energy bulbs. They do not produce any UV so will not fade pictures or the paint on your walls, they also do not attract insects!

They are available in Warm White with a small screw base but are not dimmable

25mm wide by 58mm tall