LED Tubes

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Product Description

LEDs are finding their way into every aspect of lighting now and these LED Tubes provide yet another option of significantly reducing your lighting energy usage

They are best used to replace fittings with the older wire wound ballasts as they can offer impressive energy saving and are a simple retrofit option with no wiring required!

They have a frosted cover so look like traditional fluorescent tubes and output light over 300°

They come with an LED starter for simple direct retrofit into existing single batten fittings

• 30,000 hour life
• 4000K cool white colour
• Instant full light
• Standard 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft T8 lengths
• Not suitable for dimming
• No mercury or hazardous materials
• No warping, no bending
• No discolouration of output over life of tube
• Single ended circuit for risk free installation

Emergency packs are available for these please contact us for prices

Fitting instructions

Magnetic Ballasts:
Remove old fluorescent starter and tube and insert LED glass tube and included LED starter

High Frequency Ballasts:
Remove old fluorescent starter and bypass ballast by rewiring directly to AC, only to be carried out by qualified electrician

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14 watt – 3ft, 22 watt – 4ft, 24 watt – 5ft, 32 watt – 6ft, 9 watt – 2ft