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LED Ultra Thin Kitchen Lights

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Product Description

LED Ultra Thin Kitchen Lights fittings are brilliant and simple to fit

If you are in any doubt please call us and we can make sure you get what you need!

They can be used behind any pelmet to give an indirect lighting effect or in cabinets or bookcases, they give off very little heat and have a very long lifespan. Being LED they don’t even emit any UV so wont fade paint and oddly they don’t attract insects either! They can be used either as uplighters or downlighters so they are very versatile

They even have a small on / off switch at the end so you can switch each one independently!

The strip lights can be plugged together to form a long section or linked by wires depending on how you wish to fit them. There is even a 90 degree connector available if you want to turn a corner with them!

The kit includes a straight connector so you can connect another fitting, mounting clips and a metre long wire connecting cable. Obviously the bulbs are included as they are part of the fitting!

The only thing to be careful of is you will need a power supply as these are not run straight from the mains. Each power supply will run a total of 36 watts so you should only need one for most applications

They are available in three different lengths and in two different colours which are warm white and cool white. Warm white has much more yellow in it and is considered a softer light. Cool white has more blue in it and is better if you want a sharper, seemingly brighter light.

The  3 watt fitting is 310mm long, the 5 watt fitting is 510mm and the 11 watt is 1010mm long so you can mix and match to suit your application


8mm deep

33mm wide

310mm / 510mm / 1010mm lengths

Additional Information


1010mm, 310mm, 510mm

White Colour

Cool White, Warm White