Low Bay Fittings

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Product Description

These Low Bay Fittings are the common industrial light fittings used in warehouses and factories. They can be ceiling mounted or most commonly suspended on chains.

They are used anywhere that large areas have to be lit economically and with the minimum of maintenance but are not high enough to use the high bay fitting (typically under 6 metres)

The Sodium lamps are the same as are used in streetlights, they are very reliable and long lasting but do produce orange light, this is fine for most purposes but not if you need to be able to see colours clearly and accurately, for this you should use the metal halide version which gives white light

The metal halide option produces a crisp white light, which shows colours correctly, these can be used for display purposes as well as general lighting

They are generally preferred in workshops or machine shops where accuracy and detail is important

The lamps do not have the extreme life of the sodium lamps but still offer 20.000 hours, which is up to 5 years in normal use

The lamp is included with both options


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250 watt, 400 watt

Fitting Type

Metal Halide, Sodium