LED Spotlights

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Product Description

These LED Spotlights from Crompton are a straightforward retrofit solution for the standard R50 (50mm across the face of the lamp) R64 (64mm across the face) and R80 (yes you guessed it 80mm across the face of the lamp) filament bulbs.

They are the same size as the filament lamps they replace and are available in both Warm White and Daylight colour. Where they really shine (haha) is their life of 25,000 hours which is approximately 6 years if left on for 12 hours a day!

An average filament spotlight lasts around 1000 hours.

The 5 watt R50 will replace a 40 watt bulb, the 7 watt R64 will replace 60watt and the 10 watt R80 will replace a 75 watt so you can see not only do you get longer life you also save a significant amount of energy too!


R50: 50mm x 85mm

R64: 63mm x 105mm

R80: 80mm x 112mm

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R50, R64, R80


Screw, Small Screw

White Colour

Daylight, Warm White