Metal Louvered Reflectors

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Product Description

These Metal Louvered Reflectors are suitable for recessed lighting fitted on a suspended or solid ceiling in 600 x 600mm or 600 x 1200mm modules.

The CAT 2 version is especially good where computers are being used but is suitable for any office application.

Cat 2 louvres cut off the light at 45 degrees and direct all the light downwards.

These louvres can only be used in a 25mm T grid ceiling, please call if you have a 15mm T grid (less common)

There is a CAT 3 version, available by special order only, for continuous VDU (computer screens to you and me!) situations such as call centres they have straight blades where as the CAT2 have curved blades.

Heres some technical blurb about them

Xenoptic Mirror 65º – 200 cd/m² (Cat 2) louvre

Manufactured from high performance Xenoptic Mirror louvre material.

High specularity, high reflectivity, zero iridescence finish.

Triphosphor lamp compatible.

Wishbone spring installation.


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1200×600, 600×600