MLL Blended Mercury

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These MLL Blended Mercury lamps are brilliant, they are discharge lamps but don’t need control gear which means you can use them in any light fitting that is rated for the wattage.

If you need a lot of white light but have no space or budget for control gear these are the lamps to use.

They are also often used in moth traps as the spectrum of light they emit is apparently very attractive to moths!

If you have space for control gear you can also use the standard Mercury lamp, this will also attract moths.

We have used them in Churches, sports halls and school halls in fact anywhere you are using high wattage ordinary light bulbs you can change without any wiring or light fitting changes.

They come in a bayonet, screw and giant screw base. There are plenty of wattages to choose from up to the fiercely bright 500 watt version


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100 watt, 160 watt, 250 watt, 500 watt


Bayonet, Giant Screw, Screw