Normal Candle

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This is the standard Normal Candle lamps that everyone knows, sometimes called tulip bulbs, typically used in chandeliers, wall lights and many other decorative fittings.

They are 35mm in diameter and 97mm tall (the bayonet cap candle is lightly shorter at 90mm tall) Compact and in a variety of wattages they are very flexible they can be powerful at 60 watts or subtle at 25 watts

We do have several alternatives to the standard candle if you want to save a bit of energy. The Halogen G9 adapters use a replaceable halogen capsule in a reusable base with a cover of your choice – this means you can have exactly what you want be it coloured, opal or with a bent tip effect

The Halosaver candle also has a capsule within the glass but it is not replaceable like the adapter. It does offer very good energy saving though and is cheaper to buy initially

The best option is now the LED candle – these are coming of age and although they have a high initial purchase cost they will save you money in the long run!

We can get the larger 45mm and 55mm candle but they are tricky to find, please call us if you would like some of these


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Bayonet, Screw, Small Bayonet, Small Screw


25 watt, 40 watt, 60 watt


Clear, Opal