Quartz Tube

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Product Description

We keep stock of the most commonly used quartz tube but can make almost any size or length to order.

There is both open ended and closed end quartz sleeve. The closed end tube has a ‘Test Tube’ end.

The end caps we fit are the ones used in the Wedeco TAK system.

It is important that you use a quartz glass sleeve in any UV system as the quartz glass allows the germicidal UVC through – normal glass does not so would render the lamps completely useless!

It is also important that you keep the quartz clean as any dirt will reduce the amount of light going through

Please contact us if you would like a size not listed here or if you are unsure which size you require.

We also have the germicidal UV tubes available if you need a new one of them – if you aren’t sure which lamp you need please contact us and we will try and help!


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1510mm, 1550mm, 1710mm, 415mm, 871mm, 890mm


25mm OD, 30mm OD, 33mm OD, 48mm OD


Domed End, Open Ends

End Cap

No End Cap, With End Cap