Screw Base Fly Killer

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Product Description

These Screw Base Fly Killer lamps are most commonly found in domestic rather than commercial machines and are quite an odd lamp!

They have a normal screw thread base just like the one regular light bulbs have.

It is only 25 watts so it doesn’t use too much energy but it is just a normal filament lamp so its not very efficient so will only last around 1000 hours.

It is called a screw base fly killer but of course it is not the lamp that actually kills the flies – the lamp just attract the flies because they like the ultra-violet purplish colour light it produces.

Beware of imitation UV lamps as they are just coloured glass and therefore won’t work properly, they are cheap but useless and will just cost you money!

If the bulb in your fly zapper fitting is a fluorescent tube that is a U shape you may need the Tight U Bend Fly Killer which is another unusual shaped lamp!


Length: 147 mm

Diameter: 32 mm