Security Lights

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These floodlights use tungsten halogen lamps, commonly used as Security Lights for areas where you need a lot of light instantly for short periods.
They are nowhere near as efficient as metal halide floodlights but have the advantage that they come on instantly and have no delay in restriking if switched off.

If you can we would recommend using the LED  version of this fitting which only burns 30 watts rather than 200 but we understand that sometimes you want a filament lamp!

So, use tungsten halogen where you need a lot of light instantly for relatively short periods.

The 750 – 1500 watt fitting will run both wattages of lamp with simple modification (instructions included).

We supply it with both lamps so you can decide which to use.

The lamps only last for 1000 hours compared to 8000 with a low energy lamp but the lamps are very cheap as are the fittings.


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500 watt, 750 – 1000 watt


With PIR, Without PIR