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Slimline Metal Halide Floodlights

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Product Description

Slimline metal halide floodlights can be mounted to flood your garden or building with coloured light, the green especially makes gardens look spectacular!

Metal Halide has been too expensive in the past but the prices have come down considerably.

The running costs are low and the floodlight is the smallest available in 70 watts. It puts out as much light as a 400 watt Tungsten Halogen light with much less power consumption. If you want to go even more low energy you can also look at the LED floodlight, although you cant change the colour as easily.

Make your BBQ a bit special next summer!

You can change the lamp inside to different colours simply by changing to different colour bulbs.

Another energy saving alternative is the fluorescent low energy floodlight


Additional Information


150 watt, 70 watt

Light Colour

Blue, Green, Magenta, White