Smilight Replacement Tubes

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Product Description

Smilight Replacement Tubes are the replacement tubes for cabinet and kitchen lights supplied by IKEA, MFI, Schreiber and many others.

They have been a hard to find lamp as you probably know.

We got fed up with having to say we couldn’t help with replacements that we had some made so now we have secured a strong reliable supply of SMILIGHT REPLACEMENT TUBES.

They are not cheap as our own tubes they are being specially made and so there are no economies of scale but it is easier than changing the fitting complete.

We test every tube just before it is sent out so we know they are working when they go out.

Unfortunately often when you put your new tube in the fitting it only lights up at the ends, this is a classic Smilight fault it means the fitting itself has failed not just the tube.

We have a replacement fitting that will go in the same space and even uses the same plugs so you don’t have to disturb the wiring.

Call us if you need any help.

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13 watt, 24 watt, 8 watt