T5 Fitting Adapter

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TheseT5 Fitting Adapter are a great way to make standard office lighting that bit more efficient without any hassle

The amazing thing about these T5 linear converters is all you have to do is take out the old tube, remove the starter, put in the convertor (it fits just like a standard tube) and you are done!

No changes to existing wiring

Brand new T5 tube included

Excellent energy saving – High frequency new generation T5 fitting tubes can offer savings of over 50%

The T5 tubes used in these adaptors have an average service life of 20,000 hours which is around twice that of standard tubes

They can be used to replace most T8 and T12 tubes with old switch start (also known as wire wound) control gear also because these are high frequency there is no annoying flickering on start up

No technical knowledge is required to fit these – we changed over our entire office in less than 15 minutes!
They really are very easy to put up

We get asked by a lot of people how to improve the efficiency of their office lighting and up until now we haven’t been able to offer an improvement on ordinary T8 or T12 fluorescent tubes. Now we finally have an option and the great thing is it is a simple change to make!

See the more info page for the actual energy savings you can achieve

If you would like to know more about these then please either give us a call on 01822 860 110 or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you
it is not generally known that the control gear within fluorescent (and other discharge) lights actually uses a bit of power to run which means an 18 watt fitting actually uses around 27 watts

Here is a comparison of the running costs of a standard fluorescent fitting versus a T5 conversion unit

2ft 18w tube and ballast = 27watt  / 14watt
4ft 36w tube and ballast = 46watt / 28watt
5ft 58w tube and ballast = 72watt / 35watt
6ft 70w tube and ballast = 84watt / 56watt
8ft 100w tube and ballast = 135watt / 70watt
4 x 18w 2ft tubes and ballast = 92watt / 56watt

So you can see significant energy savings can be achieved with very little effort. Also if you are currently using ordinary halophosphate tubes you would also be improving the quality of your lighting by switching to the Triphosphor T5 tubes

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100 watt – 8ft, 18 watt – 2ft, 36 watt – 4ft, 58 watt – 5ft, 70 watt – 6ft