T5 Fluorescent Fittings

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Product Description

T5 Fluorescent Fittings tubes are the newest fluorescent tube available. They have several benefits including increased efficiency (when compared to older T8 tubes), good colour rendering and less lumen reduction as they age. They also have a massively long life at around 20000 hours (or 4.5 years if left on 12 hours a day!)

To confuse things further T5 tubes are available in either High Efficiency (HE) or High Output (HO)

HE tubes are designed for maximum energy saving while HO lamps are designed for maximum light output. You need to decide what it is you want from the fitting to determine which type of tube and therefore fitting is best for you

These are standard lighting battens with High Frequency control gear (high frequency gear means less flicker) and they come with T5 tubes so are ready to light up

The fitting body is only 46mm wide and just 70mm deep

Fitting lengths
14w HE / 24w HO = 2ft = 576mm
21w HE / 39w HO = 3ft = 876mm
28w HE / 54w HO = 4ft = 1176mm
35w HE / 49w  HO = 5ft = 1476mm


Additional Information


2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft

Number Of Tubes

One, Two

Fitting Type

High Efficiency, High Output