T5 High Efficiency Tubes

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Product Description

These are the “new generation” of fluorescent tubes the T5 High Efficiency Tubes¬†they offer superb light quality very low energy consumption and very long life.

You cannot fit them to existing fittings they can only run in light fittings designed specifically for them.

The high efficiency lamps provide efficient direct lighting in low profile luminaires – if you need high output lamps then they are further down the page. (You cannot swap high efficiency and high output tubes)

They are very thin – only 16mm in diameter. Be careful not to confuse them with the slimline tubes above which are 25mm in diameter.

You can choose the “colour tone” from warm white, white and cool white. The standard for offices is cool white.

You will find all the information you need to identify which one you have on the end of the tube, if you don’t use the same colour it is very noticable.

There is also a high output version of these lamps please be careful to identify it correctly if you are unsure please call us.
And here are the lengths in inches!

549 mm or 22″
849 mm or 34″
1149 mm or 46″

Average rated life 16,000 hours


Additional Information

White Colour

Cool White, Daylight, Warm White, White


1149mm, 1449mm, 549mm, 849mm


14 watt, 21 watt, 28 watt, 35 watt