T5 Kitchen Light Kits

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Product Description

T5 Kitchen Light Kits are excellent replacements for the Smilight fittings if they have failed.

Open the drop down box to see all of the range of lengths

The common Smilight ones are the 24 watt which is approx 948 mm long overall and ours will fit in exactly the same space as the Smilight.

The 13 watt Smilight fitting is a problem because we do not have one of identical length; the Smilight fitting is 450 mm long we have either our 8 watt that is 350 mm long or our next one up is the 14 watt which is 604mm long.

The 8 watt smilight can be changed for our 6 watt 267 mm fitting which is almost identical so that’s very easy.

The connections are very similar so you can use your existing wiring if you wish, the plug is a tight fit but it does work and you cannot put it in the wrong way up it won’t let you.

If you are in any doubt please call us and we can make sure you get what you need.
The plug can go in at either end and has a blanking plug for the one you don’t use.

Our fittings have proved very reliable over the years so you can be confident of a long life.

Another good thing about our kitchen fittings is that replacement tubes are only three or four pounds dependant on length and are readily available so you will never have a tube problem again.

They have T5 fluorescent tubes and diffusers for easy cleaning and are very slim.

They can be used behind any pelmet to give an indirect lighting effect or in cabinet or bookcase, they give off very little heat, and as a fluorescent tube is a true low energy lamp they are also cheap to run.

The lights can be plugged together to form a long section or linked by wires
(All connectors are included in the kit)

The kit includes a link wire and joining connector and mounting brackets. It also includes a lightbulb which is already installed in the fitting.

All in all these are excellent light fittings at very sensible prices


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14 watt – 604mm, 18 watt – 640mm, 21 watt – 904mm, 24 watt – 948mm, 28 watt – 1204mm, 32 watt – 1250mm, 35 watt – 1505mm, 6 watt – 267mm, 8 watt – 343mm