Triple Life Candle

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Triple Life Candle work by having a much thicker filament than normal candles this means they will last a lot longer.
Approximately three times as long in fact as the name suggests.
There is a trade off as they do not produce quite the same light level as normal candle because the thicker filament drains some of the power which would normally be turned it light it is measurable on a light meter but very difficult to tell with the naked eye.
As with most things there is a compromise here to achieve the objective of longer life.
They are particularly useful where they are on all day or in difficult to reach situations.
This range is being phased out due to EU legislation so once our stock has run out we cannot get any more.

A great alternative to the triple life candle is an LED one, they have a much longer life and will pay for themselves over their lifetime


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Bayonet, Small Bayonet, Small Screw


25 watt, 40 watt, 60 watt


Clear, Opal