Twist and Lock Halogen Spot

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Twist and Lock Halogen spotlights are very commonly used in kitchens and are very popular despite how much energy they use! This is a 2500 hour rated life lamp, most are only 1000hrs!

These lamps have two pins which locate it in the light fitting it is often called a GU10 or a HI-SPOT 50

There are two types GZ10 and GU10, the latter will replace the former but we have the GZ10 in stock if you really want some! The difference is in the shape of the outer glass, the front and pins are the same

These lamps look like low voltage halogen spots but in fact run on 240 volts

They are not a low energy product but give a brilliant quality of light, often used in ceiling fittings and in shops for displaying goods

These are now mostly superseded by LED and halosaver versions which are more energy efficient and still give out the same amount of light


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35 watt, 50 watt, 75 watt