Universal Metal Halide

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Universal Metal Halide, also known as britelux, Kolorarc, and powerstar depending on who makes them
These are fantastic lamps because in the old days you had to know which control gear was in your fitting before buying a metal halide bulb. This was because there is no control gear specifically for a metal halide lamp – they either use Mercury or Sodium (SON) control gear

Until now you had to match your replacement lamp with your control gear but now Crompton have made these brilliant Metal Halide lamps that run on both types!

You can have either an elliptical lamp (looks like a rugby ball) or a Tubular lamp (looks like a cucumber)

You will also need to match the wattage as they are not generally interchangeable

They have a rated life of 10,000 to 20,000 hours so are real ‘fit and forget’ lamps they are also pretty energy efficient

They are commonly used in warehouse lighting or anywhere where you are lighting a large area

We now have some brilliant low energy versions of these bulbs listed elsewhere

We also have fittings available in the Light Fittings section

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250 watt, 400 watt


Elliptical, Tubular