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Coloured R80 Spotlights


Coloured R80 Spotlights


These coloured spotlights are 80mm across the face of the lamp, they are all 60 watts and have a screw base

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Coloured R80 Spotlights are still available in all the usual colours as they are unaffected by the latest legislation

The R80 light bulb is so called because it is 80mm across the face of the lamp so this is how you tell if that is what you need. The R64 is its smaller brother and is strangely enough 64mm across!

They are only available in 60 watts and screw base but if you are looking for a different combination please get in touch with us as we can find almost any type of light bulb you may need

They are an incandescent lamp so are dimmable but they do have quite a short lifespan when compared to their LED counterparts

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Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

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