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Halopin Halosaver


Out of stock

Halopin Halosaver


Out of stock


A more efficient version of the standard G9 halopin bulb

These lamps are an easy way to reduce your electricity burn without changing to fluorescent or changing your fittings.

It’s very easy to change to these new lamps – just take out the old lamp and replace it with one of these – no modification is necessary

The standard lamp has been redesigned to increase efficiency

This bulb is 33 watts and will replace a 40 watt standard bulb without loss of light output.

It’s not a bucketload of saving but if you have a lot of these in your house the savings will add up

This is an incandescent light bulb, which is one which produces light by heating a filament in an inert gas. It is not fluorescent so is ideal if you don’t get on with them.

The diameter is 13mm
It is 47 mm tall

They have UV stop glass

It has the standard base of G9

These are dimmable

The rated life is 2000hrs which is approximately 6 months continuous burn time

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