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Halosaver Candle


Halosaver Candle




Halosaver Candle were developed to provide a lower energy solution for people who want to keep their candle lamps but cannot stand the low energy fluorescent type of candle bulbs.
They use modern technology to incorporate a highly efficient tungsten halogen capsule inside a candle bulb envelope.
The advantages are.
1. They are exactly the same size.
2. They come on instantly.
3. They do not flicker or strobe at all.
4. You can dim them using your existing dimming equipment.
5. They last approx twice as long as ordinary filament candles.
6. They save you energy, admittedly not a lot but every bit helps.
7. They give a crisp clean light
8. They fully comply with the latest EU regulations and so we will have them for the foreseeable future
The wattage comparisons are as below with the new wattages on the left and the old wattage equivalent on the right:

18 watt = 25 watt old style
28 watt = 40 watt
42 watt = 60 watt.
As you can see the saving are not huge but if you use your candle lamps a lot it will make a difference.
There is one downside to these they do not like to be upside down they need to be upright or nearly so to achieve their full life.

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18 watt, 28 watt, 42 watt


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