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Halosaver Ordinary Bulbs


Halosaver Ordinary Bulbs




These Halosaver Ordinary Bulbs are the newest addition to the ‘ordinary’ lightbulb range

They comply with the latest legislation so are legal to import and sell in the UK. They are dimmable and will directly replace your old style light bulb with no modifications to anything!

They are NOT fluorescent so are ideal if you dont get on with the usual low energy bulbs.

They have 2000 hour life – which is twice the life of the old style bulbs – and all the time they save you a bit of energy too

The wattage comparisons are as below with the new wattages on the left and the old wattage equivalent on the right:

28 watt = 40 watt old style
42 watt = 60 watt
70 watt = 100 watt
105 watt = 150 watt
This is an incandescent light bulb, thats is one which produces light by heating a filament in an inert gas

The lamp envelope is 55mm in diameter

The bases are standard Bayonet and Screw

Additional information


Bayonet, Screw


105 watt, 28 watt, 42 watt, 70 watt

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