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Halosaver Twist and Lock Spotlights


Halosaver Twist and Lock Spotlights




These are basically a modern redesign of the Twist and Lock Halogen spotlight to make it more efficient
They are NOT fluorescent so are ideal if you don’t get on with the usual low energy bulbs.
All you do is take out your current 50 or 35 watt spotlight and replace it with a 40 watt or 28 watt one of these – job done. (even if you use a dimmer switch!)
They have 2000 hour life
The wattage comparisons are as below with the new wattages on the left and the old wattage equivalent on the right:
40 watt = 50 watt old style lamp
28 watt = 35 watt
It is an incandescent light bulb, which is one which produces light by heating a filament in an inert gas
The Measurement across the face of the lamp is 50mm
It is 53mm tall – the same size as a standard twist and lock spotlight

They have UV stop glass

It has the standard base of GU10

The rated life is 2000hrs which is approximately 6 months continuous burn time (if you regularly switch or dim a lamp it will affect its life)

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28 watt, 40 watt

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