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Heat Lamp Shade


Heat Lamp Shade


Our Heat lamp shade is primarily designed for animal husbandry purposes, keeping your pets and livestock warm. Simple to fit it only needs a 13 amp socket. It is also available with a variable heating switch that will give either full or two thirds heat

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The Heat Lamp Shade is designed to take the SCREW TYPE (E27) heat lamps up to 250 watts. You can choose between a red or clear lamp depending on what you need the heat lamp for.

The design of the fitting and metal guard does change slightly so the actual product may vary from the picture

Primarily designed for animal husbandry purposes, keeping your pets and livestock warm, but several customers have bought them and are using them in catering to keep food warm!

It is a very simple unit that just requires a 13 amp socket to plug into. It comes with 5 metres of cable and 2 metres of chain to hang it with.

The design of the fitting has changed slightly from the picture but the performance is the same

The switched version of the heat lamp shade has a switch (surprisingly enough!) on the top of the unit but is otherwise identical. There are two power positions which give full or two thirds heat.

The heat lamp shade should be mounted one metre from floor level.

If you need both a fitting and a lamp you might find it easier to use the combined option of the heat lamp shade including lamp, you can save a couple of quid at the same time!

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