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LED Coloured Outdoor Golfball


LED Coloured Outdoor Golfball




This LED Coloured Outdoor Golfball an LED is a direct replacement for a golfball lamp with outstanding life and efficiency!

If you look around at festoons used by councils now, most of them are using LED bulbs as they are ideal with their low power consumption and amazing durability
Low energy LED bulbs are perfect for use in festoons and lighting ropes as you don’t need very much power to make them look amazing! With less than one watt you can still see the lights from a long distance away. The other huge benefit is their average life is 20,000 hours! The average life of a filament light bulb is only 1000 hours so you can see you will be replacing them far less often

They only use 1 watt each. For example if you have a 10 bulb light string you would only be using 10 watts with these. If you used 25 watt bulbs you would be using 250 watts!

They have a shatterproof polycarbonate cover so they are nice and tough for use outdoors. These ones are made by Prolight, a brand we have been dealing with for many years so you know you are getting a safe product, with a guarantee that it will perform as stated on the box – this is sadly often not the case with unbranded lamps. You don’t want to be having to climb a ladder to replace a lot of blown unbranded bulbs after all!

The final thing that makes these led coloured golfball lamps so much better than their incandescent counterparts is you can have them in colour changing! As you can imagine they look great in a festoon! Here is a video of them Changing Colour so you can see it for yourself

The standard colour bulbs are 67mm tall and 45mm wide which makes them the same as a standard golfball

Only 1 Watt

They come in two types of base: bayonet and screw

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Blue, Colour Change, Green, Red, Warm White, White, Yellow


Bayonet, Screw

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