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LED Round bulbs


LED Round bulbs


Exact equivalent brightness for regular 25W or 40W incandescent round lamps • 15,000 hour life • 7,500 switching cycles • 2700K warm white or 6500K daylight colour options • BC-B22d , SBC-B15d, ES-E27 or SES-E14 caps • Opal finish • Not suitable for dimming



These LED round bulbs from Crompton are a simple retrofit option if you want to replace your 25 or 40 watt filament golfball bulbs with an led bulb that uses much less energy. They are an update to the ceramic LED golfball as they are made from lightweight thermal plastic with a heat dissipating body and an opal lens. The opal lens means you cant see any of the inner workings of the lamp so it looks more like a traditional opal filament bulb.

The 3.5 watt is an exact match for a 25 watt incandescent round golfball and the 6 watt is a match for a 40 watt.

They are available in a true warm white 2700K and daylight 6500K. Warm white is most similar to a filament bulb colour so creates a more warm, cosy atmosphere. Daylight has a more blue tone so more suited to task lighting.

With a 15,000 hour life they should last over 5 years in a domestic setting, all the time saving you energy and money!

LED’s do not contain mercury and do not flicker so are great if you don’t get on with traditional fluorescent low energy bulbs. They also do not produce any UV so will not fade pictures or wall paint


BC Base: 45mm wide x 83mm tall
ES Base: 45mm wide x 79mm tall
SBC Base: 45mm wide x 84mm tall
SES Base: 45mm wide x 86mm tall

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Bayonet, Screw, Small Bayonet, Small Screw

White Colour

Daylight, Warm White


3.5 watt, 6 watt

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