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Quartz Heat Lamp Holder With Lamp


Quartz Heat Lamp Holder With Lamp


A very useful quartz heat lamp holder with lamp included. Suitable for up to 500w lamps, 216mm with ceramic ends and wire connection. A Jacketed lamp is included.

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1 x Quartz Heat Lamps Jacketed Wire Connection No Reflector Clear Single Lamp
1 x Heat Lamp Holder and Reflector

We’ve been looking for these for a long time!

A very useful lamp holder that will take a 216mm Infrared quartz lamp with ceramic ends and a wire connection (they are the square white ends with wires coming out of them)

It has a built in reflector to help point the heat where you want it

There are two screw threads on the back so it can easily be secured wherever you need it

Not much else to say really!

You can buy it without a lamp in the heat lamps section
Suitable for up to 500w lamps 216mm with ceramic ends and wire connection

Here are the Spare Quartz Heat Lamps if you should need them!

48mm deep
22cm long (total length)
Reflector 17cm long
62mm wide (at widest part of reflector)

Additional information


300 watt, 500 watt

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