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Sox Lamps


Sox Lamps


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Sox lamps were the most common lamp used for lighting roads. They have largely been replaced by Metal Halide and now LED technology. They are however still a very efficient way to light a large space.

They give out an orange monochromatic light and they have a bayonet cap. They are also used in areas sensitive to light pollution. They give poor colour rendering but are good for lighting areas covered by CCTV as the light is not affected greatly by mist and fog etc which is also why they are used for road lighting.

We have 3 types of Sox Lamp:

The standard Sox which has a rated life of around 6000 hours

The Sox E is a more efficient version but does give out slightly less light than a standard lamp. It has a rated life of around 10,000 hours

The Sox Plus is basically a beefed up version of the standard sox. It lasts longer because of advances in manufacture. It has a rated life of around 12,000 hours

If you aren’t sure which type you need you can just match what came out of the fitting and you will have no problems.

If your fitting is in good shape there isn’t a great deal of point replacing a sox lamp with anything else as they are an efficient and well tested technology when used in the right setting

Unfortunately it is getting harder to source sox lamps as they are being phased out by the big manufacturers. We will continue to offer them as long as we can

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