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  • 2D Low Energy Tubes

    2D Low Energy Tubes (3)

    2Ds are a very common family of lamps, there flat profile makes them ideal for lighting large areas without being intrusive. A favourite for corridors and stairwells they like to be turned on and left on they offer very long life and are very energy efficient. We do have some very reasonable priced circular light fittings for 2 D lamps…
  • Antique Decorative Bulbs

    Antique Decorative Bulbs (7)

    Modern renaissance-style decorative lamps featuring a hand-wound quad loop filament design that will be an interesting feature in any room! Dimmable and incandescent they give out a lovely warm light
  • Candle Bulbs

    Candle Bulbs (20)

    These are a firm favourite in the home as well as business in fact anywhere where you want something a little more decorative than standard light bulbs. We do have a problem with Opal candles as the EU have ruled that the obscure glass is not so energy efficient and therefore banned them, we do have an alternative which gets…
  • Charmlight Bulbs

    Charmlight Bulbs (2)

    We call this range of lamps Charmlight but they are also called softone. They have tinted glass which softens the light output and can be used to enhance decor either in the home or elsewhere. There are three styles of lamps in the range the Candle lamp shape, Golf ball 45mm round bulbs and slightly square sided normal light bulb…
  • Circular Fluorescent Tubes

    Circular Fluorescent Tubes (1)

    Now often considered old fashioned these circular tubes have an enviable record for long life. They offer excellent even light output and have proved very popular over the years Unfortunately it is now hard to find new light fittings for these tubes but if you have they already then we can supply new tubes for them
  • Coloured Lamps

    Coloured Lamps (12)

    Here we have available coloured lamps of all shapes and sizes!
  • Control Gear

    Control Gear (2)

    This section contains many products which are needed to run either fluorescent tubes or what are called discharge lamps, these are the SON (sodium) Metal Halide and Mercury lamps. You will find a wide range of options so if you are unsure please call us we have people who are very experienced in maintenance of lighting installations
  • Craftlights

    Craftlights (4)

    A selection of lamps which are generally used for craftwork in the home
  • Crown Silver Bulbs

    Crown Silver Bulbs (1)

    Crown Silver lamps were the definitive display lamps before metal halide became available in lower wattages. There are questions as to whether they fall foul of the EU regulations (they are banning some of them) or not at present we can still supply the 45mm round lamp
  • Daylight & SAD Tubes

    Daylight & SAD Tubes (6)

    Fluorescent tubes that mimic the daylight spectrum and make you think the sun is shining all year round!
  • Emergency Lighting

    Emergency Lighting (1)

    We offer both maintained and non-maintained emergency lights, so you can have lighting switched on in the normal fashion which has a battery pack that cuts in when a power cut is sensed, or non-maintained which is off normally and turns on using battery power when a power cut is sensed.
  • Energy Efficient Halogen Bulbs

    Energy Efficient Halogen Bulbs (9)

    The bulbs in this section are more efficient than 'normal' filament bulbs but are not fluorescent. They are ideal if you want to drop your energy consumption but you dont get on with fluorescent low energy or LED bulbs
  • Festoon Light Ropes

    Festoon Light Ropes (3)

    Decent quality Festoons that will last more than a year!
  • Fluorescent Low Energy Bulbs

    Fluorescent Low Energy Bulbs (4)

    There are hundreds of different Low Energy Bulbs available now and they are a far cry from the yellow lamps of the old days that took ages to light up. We have tried to arrange them so you can find the one you want but if you get confused please call us and we will try and point you in…
  • Fluorescent Tubes

    Fluorescent Tubes (17)

    Here are all of the fluorescent tubes you could ever wish to see. Some types such as the FAT T12 tubes and the 8ft tubes are being made obsolete as they are not very energy efficient and fall foul of the EU regulations. There is only one manufacturer making 8ft tubes now and the prices keep rising with every order…
  • Fly Killers

    Fly Killers (5)

    Fly killer machines work by electrocuting the flies, the job of the tubes is to attract the flies. You need to renew the tubes annually as the UV output drops over time
  • Garden Lighting

    Garden Lighting (3)

    We have looked at many garden lighting systems but cannot beat the simple garden spike lights with PAR 38 coloured lamps. The solar powered ones are very much hit and miss and don’t work in the winter and the low voltage ones are too expensive. So here are our favourite garden lights which are a simple proven product, reliable and…
  • Globe Lamps

    Globe Lamps (5)

    These large globe lamps make a great change from ordinary light bulbs, they look superb with just a small "coolie" type lampshades
  • Golf Ball Round Lamps

    Golf Ball Round Lamps (11)

    A range of small round bulbs for use in decorative lamps such as table lamps and wall lights. The clear finish gives a bright sparkle while the opal finish creates a pleasant softer light. Unfortunately the opal golf ball lamps have been outlawed by the EU but we do have an alternative with the G9 adapter kits
  • Heat Lamps

    Heat Lamps (9)

    Lamps for keeping you or your animals warm. We also have a range of fittings for infrared heat lamps
  • Kitchen Lights

    Kitchen Lights (9)

    Fittings and Tubes for your under cabinet lighting including replacement tubes for Smilight fittings! Also a selection of hard to find T4 tubes
  • Lamp Changing Pole

    Lamp Changing Pole (1)

    As a cost-effective alternative for cherry-pickers when regularly changing fixed vertical lamps. These poles come in various sizes, and we can supply different baskets for reflector type lamps.
  • LED Bulbs

    LED Bulbs (25)

    We have all shapes and sizes, from LED spotlights to ordinary lightbulb and candle bulb shapes, twist and lock spotlights, transformers and LED tubes.
  • Light Fittings

    Light Fittings (23)

    All sorts of light fittings for both domestic and industrial use. We have a brilliant range of Low Energy Industrial fittings that are well worth a look if you have a warehouse or large area to light
  • Low Voltage Spotlights

    Low Voltage Spotlights (10)

    If you have filament lamps that use a transformer (a little box with wires coming out of it) then the lamp you need should be in this section. They are not very energy efficient but give a bright, sparkling light
  • Menage Lighting

    Menage Lighting (2)

    The floodlights you need to light up your Menage or equestrian arena during the long winter months. We can create custom kits to suit exactly what you need, so browse below or feel free to call us and we'll be happy to advise.
  • Mercury Lamps

    Mercury Lamps (4)

    Mercury lamps produce a lot of bright white light. Some need special control gear but the MLL doesnt need any so can be used in a standard light fitting provided it is rated for the wattage
  • Metal Halide

    Metal Halide (8)

    Metal Halide Lamps are probably the most common lamp used for floodlighting. They are very efficient and are also available in colours! They require special control gear to run
  • Ordinary Light Bulbs

    Ordinary Light Bulbs (9)

    As ordinary as lighting gets! These bulbs are slowly being phased out but we will continue to supply them for as long as we can
  • Oven/Appliance Lamps

    Oven/Appliance Lamps (3)

    Lamps for ovens, cooker hoods and other appliances such as microwaves, sewing machines, etc. We have various fittings and sizes of bulb.
  • Picture Lights

    Picture Lights (3)

    As their name suggests, these light generally go over the top of pictures! There are low energy versions available now which offer much longer life
  • PL Lamps

    PL Lamps (5)

    High quality light output and a long life, these lamps have a wattage corresponding to their length so you can't order the wrong wattage - you do need to order the correct colour balance when re-ordering however.
  • Plant Growth Lamps

    Plant Growth Lamps (2)

    As the name suggests these lamps help plants to grow!
  • Projector Lamps

    Projector Lamps (4)

    A selection of lamps for projectors. Most will have a code on them for identification and we have tried to list as many as we can
  • Pygmy Lamps

    Pygmy Lamps (3)

    Small lamps in clear or colour. For a range of applications including panel indication or control illumination, available with bayonet or screw fittings.
  • Quartz Heat Lamps

    Quartz Heat Lamps (3)

    Lamps for heat production rather than light, with many applications including catering. We offer bare lamps, or with reflectors or jacketed with ceramic ends, plus holders.
  • Shatterproof Lamps

    Shatterproof Lamps (3)

    Lamps in this section have a special coating that contains the glass if the bulb is broken
  • low energy bulbs

    low energy bulbs (29)

    Low Cost Energy Saving Light Bulbs
  • Sodium Lamps (SON)

    Sodium Lamps (SON) (4)

    Sodium lamps need control gear to operate (you cannot plug them straight into the mains) They usually give an orange light
  • Sox Lamps

    Sox Lamps (1)

    Sox lamps are an old but highly underrated technology. They have nearly all been replaced with SON, Metal Halide and now LED lamps but they are still efficient enough to keep using if your fitting is still working
  • Spotlights

    Spotlights (20)

    All sorts of spotlights including the new halosaver range from Crompton. Also listed here are the Twist and Lock spotlights found in many a kitchen ceiling
  • Theatre-lamps

    Theatre-lamps (1)

    T class theatre lamps for use in studios, discos, etc.
  • Tungsten Halogen

    Tungsten Halogen (13)

    Lamps in this section are filament lamps and are often used for security lights, shop and display lighting
  • U Tubes

    U Tubes (1)

    U shaped tubes with triphosphor, meaning double the life, non-flicker and excellent colour definition. Mostly for recessed fittings or modular fittings.
  • UV Germicidal

    UV Germicidal (9)

    Germicidal UV tubes are very different to blacklight blue or Fly Killer tubes (which are often called uv tubes) Germicidal tubes have a germicidal effect (surprisingly!) and you must not look at them with the naked eye. You usually only use them in a specially designed system. If you aren't sure what you need please contact us for advice
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